PH software firm Radenta pitches Microsoft Teams to Education Sectors

September 13, 2021

Radenta Technologies Inc., one of the country’s leading IT solutions integrators, is now offering Microsoft Teams for Education, a dynamic digital hub for online classrooms.

Microsoft Teams puts together classes, meetings, assignments, presentations, files and collaborations in one place. It is a scalable, easy to use, and intuitive student-centered technology.

Since its launch in 2017, Teams has continuously innovated learning delivery. On touchscreen devices, it is now easier to type as well as move and re-size windows. It has expanded gesture, voice and pen interactivity so users can type using voice and write with a digital pen in almost any app. The latest release reduces distraction through smart cameras that blur background movement to settings that minimize visual clutter.


Teams was designed for ease-of-use of teachers and educators. Its Windows 11 offers the same easy-to-use management tools similar to that of Windows 10. These include hands-free set up and rapid installation of education-ready apps. It has added enhanced privacy protections and security controls from the device to the cloud.

Users can customize and schedule monthly cloud-based updates without disrupting learning. A new always-on protection safeguards the operating system and stored information, as well as protect students, whether they are at home or at school, by blocking dangerous and inappropriate content.

Teams is all about effective learning in one place. Outstanding features include:

  1. Assignments – assign, track and grade assignments.
  2. Screen sharing – Share your screen or presentation in chat and meetings.
  3. Immersive Reader – Easily read conversations and chats.
  4. Whiteboard – Collaborate in Teams using a freeform, infinite digital canvas.
  5. Raise your Hand – Make your voice heard without disrupting other students.
  6. Together Mode – See the whole class in a new way for discussions and presentations.
  7. Accessibility – ASL visibility features and dozens of language options.
  8. Breakout Rooms — Make discussions and teamwork easier by dividing classes into small groups.
  9. Custom Backgrounds — Blur your meeting background, choose a free image or upload your own.
  10. Insights — Access student engagement data from an intuitive dashboard.
  11. Create custom educational experiences with Teams and LMS integrations.

These and a host of other reasons are what convinced Infant Jesus Montessori School of Santiago City, Isabela to sign up for Microsoft Teams for Education. Founded in 1980, the school offers pre-school and K-12 curriculum to students from 2 ½ to 18 years old.

IJMS is part of the Microsoft Showcase Incubator School Program that provides guidance in school transformation plan and access to a broader Showcase School community.

The program establishes global connections and leverages on existing portals and professional development platforms for both teachers and students. It is the first step towards becoming part of the Microsoft Showcase Schools in the Philippines. There are currently only seven accredited schools nationwide.

“Learning about Microsoft Teams when Infant Jesus Montessori School (IJMS) was struggling to find a way to continue education last SY 2020-2021 was an answered prayer,” said school registrar and administrator Elizabeth B. Ongcuangco.
“IJMS did not have a clue how to move forward in the midst of Covid-19.  It was introduced to us by one of our alumni, Michelle Lasam, who patiently walked us through the process of migrating to online learning,” Ongcuangco said. Lasam is Radenta’s Microsoft line of business operations manager.

The school made Teams one of the features of their five-system learning experience called IJMS-ACES (Alternative Classroom Education System).

Ongcuangco then enumerated why Teams works well for the school: it was easy to learn, both teachers and the students were able to adapt immediately to the remote learning environment, and the support is excellent.

The initial offer, webinars, troubleshooting, new rollouts and offerings, gave the staff a chance to create a Learning Management System that is at par with global standards. The features are inclusive and easy to navigate.

Through Teams, the school is able to have live lectures, live chats, multi-media projects and discussion forums. All synchronous and asynchronous learning activities are now supported by Teams.

Ongcuangco further added, “We were amazed how fast everyone got accustomed to Teams. We can never get enough of all the features and we are still learning to use all the applications. We were surprised when we conceptualized a project or an activity to find out that it was already embedded in Teams or O365.”
“Teams changed our perspective in adapting technology for learning. It enabled us to translate our pedagogy and curriculum using the latest in educational technology. Most importantly, Teams allowed us to remain true to our mission and vision of achieving academic excellence, character formation, responsible leadership and service to God through service to others,” Ongcuangco said.

To know how your students and teachers can benefit from Microsoft Teams for Education, get in touch with Radenta Technologies through (02) 8535-7801, 0919-077-4042,, and

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PH software firm Radenta pitches Microsoft Teams to Education Sectors
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