GRIDS Launching

Radenta launches Global Reconnaissance Intelligent Defense System

January 3, 2022

Radenta Technologies Inc., one of the country’s premier IT solutions integrators, has launched its fortified Global Reconnaissance Intelligent Defense System (GRIDS) designed to elevate the security posture of any client.

Radenta’s fully managed security operations allow organizations to use the most advanced SIEM technology without the cost and complexity of owning and administering a SIEM system.

The service portfolio of GRIDS has three components. With SOC-AS-A-SERVICE, Radenta collects security logs, detects indicators of attack or compromise, and gives actionable alerts, remediation guidance, and incident response services.


GRIDS is CO-MANAGED/HYBRID. Radenta co-manages the client’s SIEM and offers advanced content and SOC services. This maximizes the SIEM investment.

STRATEGIC SERVICES provides add-ons to custom-tailor the SOC-AS-A-SERVICE component. This means that individual solutions are crafted to address specific needs.

There are three GRIDS packages with different End Point Security (EPS). STARTER covers 50 EPS at P64,950/month; STANDARD with 150 EPS for P194,850/month; and PREMIUM with 300EPS at P389,700/month.

The Premium Package includes 24×7 coverage, pre-defined custom creation, ‘Out of the Box’ supported log sources, and portal access. It also comes with custom reports and real-time access to log data.

The Standard Package includes custom use cases. All three packages come with 8×5 coverage.

Radenta also provides real-time monitoring, advanced contextual analysis, and better visibility through customized reports and dashboards to proactively prevent, detect and address security threats.

Radenta Business Development Officer for Security Operations Center Christopher Christian Flores sums up the GRIDS advantage, “GRIDS lets you experience the most advanced and world class SIEM technology that real world-class complexity and constant change in cybersecurity landscape.” Experience GRIDS, Experience rock-solid security.

Visit www.radentagrids.phto learn more about GRIDS or email and text or call 0998-589-4401.


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Radenta launches Global Reconnaissance Intelligent Defense System
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