Radenta introduces AI-powered Bing Chat enterprise

September 29, 2023

Radenta Technologies, one of the country's leading solutions integrators, introduces Bing Chat Enterprise, the latest addition to Microsoft 365.

Bing Chat Enterprise is like having an AI-powered personal assistant. It can help research industry insights, analyze data, or look for inspiration. It gives users access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.

Bing Chat Enterprise ensures that no sensitive information leaks out of the organization. What goes in and comes out remains protected. Chat data is not saved, and Microsoft has no eyes-on access, meaning no one else can view the data. Company data will not be used to train the models.  

Bing Chat Enterprise delivers AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection.  

According to the World Trend Index, 70% of employees would delegate as much work as possible to AI. However, not all AI are created equal. Those not built for enterprise put business data at risk.

Bing's natural language understanding and generation capabilities help businesses improve communications with clients and coworkers. It is available for commercial customers with MS 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium licenses.

Where is the fun part of using Bing Chat Enterprise? Here are tips and tricks:

Write something new. Bing can help turn your thoughts into engaging and creative content. Do you want to write a story, a poem, make a meal plan, or convey any brilliant idea, but you need to know how to put it into words?

Easy comparison. Browsing through endless sites and typing numerous keywords may no longer be necessary. Just say what you want to compare and how detailed you want it to be, and Bing will do the rest.

Get summaries. Bing can summarise concisely the main points of a document, book, and TV show. There is no need to read through everything.

Understand what you mean. Whether you type in words or use emojis, keep it short or long and detailed when you search, Bing will most likely understand what you mean.

Create an image. Bing can create images from your words. Type in what you want, and Bing Chat will generate it. You can also ask to modify the image to your liking.

Ask follow-up questions. Bing Chat keeps the context of your initial question in each conversation. This lets you clarify past questions and ask for more information without starting over.

Select the chat tab to find AI-powered answers. If you do not see the AI-generated answer you are expecting, select the chat tab and see the Bing chat response.

Tell Bing how to frame its answer. Ask Bing to tailor-fit its response. You can have it in bullet points table format and use easy words for kids.

Get relevant answers. Give Bing as many details as you can and expect more applicable replies.

Get results from the distant past or near real-time. Bing is not limited to past historical data. It can pull from the latest search results.

Improve something you have already written. Paste your text and tell Bing what you want to change and how. Add humor to a tweet or formality for an email to your boss.

Level up the images you create in Bing Chat. Ask Bing to change your image's color scheme, style, or background images.

Change the style of an image you create. Bing can explore different art and generate images for you. You can choose from many options like pop art, surrealism, impressionism, cubism, sketch, digital art, and watercolor. Bing can be as creative as you want it to be. Find your previously created images. You can view the previous images you created at bing.com/created and select creations.  

Bing Chat Enterprise is a game changer for your business.    

Ask Radenta to show you how you can work in a new AI-powered way. Call 0908-812-4891, email info@radenta.com, or log on to www.radenta.com.

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Radenta introduces AI-powered Bing Chat enterprise
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