Managing an enterprise during a Pandemic

July 8, 2020

The global pandemic has left many enterprises grappling with new realities. Business must go on, but this time, under very different and challenging scenarios. 

Some, however, not only found their footing right away and are even thriving with the help of technology.

ManpowerGroup is a global interest that operates in the Philippines through its wholly owned subsidiary Manpower Outsourcing Services Inc. (MOSI) and its local affiliate, Prime Manpower Resources Development, Inc.  The company’s core business functions include staffing and outsourcing, HR services, recruitment for local and multinational clients and executive search for both local and overseas positions, customized online assessment tools, e-learning courses and training covering various business skills and delivering solutions in helping clients maximize their workforce to grow, increase productivity and optimize business performance.

ManpowerGroup quickly adapted a ‘work-from-home’ model. Regular hiring which usually requires face-to-face interactions are now done online.  Documents are sent electronically. Workflows are remodeled so people can still effectively work as a team from different locations. The rapid adaptation of technology-as-solution transformed the company’s IT team from being backend workers into a dynamic group that can educate, instruct and support the whole workforce in its daily dealings.

“Microsoft 365 is what powered the seamless transition for our company,” according to Manpower Group IT Manager Gene Edward Batingan.

ManpowerGroup not only used the basic tools within the productivity suite but also maximized the multiple applications that come with it.

The regular daily communications become secure online audio, video and collaboration solutions via Microsoft Teams. Paperwork trails transformed into secure file-sharing services via SharePoint. Communications on company news enjoyed a boom via social layers through the Yammer platform.

Batingan added that Microsoft 365 allows ManpowerGroup to provide support to users via a single platform, maintaining ease of use with security and interoperability with the company’s existing tools and business processes.

“ManpowerGroups’ IT Department can seamlessly provide immediate support to our colleagues since the majority of tools can be maintained on a central Office 365 platform.”

Batingan sums up how Microsoft 365 supports their enterprise in various ways. Communication and collaboration are done via Microsoft Teams and Outlook Exchange. Company updates are disseminated via Yammer File Sharing. Collaboration services are via SharePoint while online Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management are via Microsoft Dynamics.

As to how cloud technology is integral for disaster recovery, Batingan has this to say. “ManpowerGroup has realized early on that having resources “on-Cloud” is a much desired technology that allows immediate recovery during Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Process (DR & BCP) scenarios.” The accessibility, reliability, security and scalability of any platform placed on-cloud assures us of a consistent and ready source of tools and information.

IT Process Automation is something that ManpowerGroup hopes can be fully adapted in the Philippines where manual processing of paperwork is still a requirement even by most legal entities. The pandemic has somehow nudged the system towards paperless workflows that enable technology to be fully utilized. This allows regular tasks to be automated, done at a much higher efficiency rate than is humanly possible and reduces the occurrence of human error while communicating updates at a much broader scale.

ManpowerGroup looks forward into developments in AI to improve data security, promote decision making speed and accuracy, increase employee output and training and enable technologies to use resources with far greater efficiency. The company also looks forward to CRM Integration to not only retain customer information based on manual entries but also to integrate marketing automation software to bring such data directly into the CRM.

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Managing an enterprise during a Pandemic
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