Have you ever heard of the upheaval brought about by the cloud shift and how can it help your organization in gaining competitive advantage? Find out how! Traditional IT infrastructure requires significant resources to sustain proper function. In keeping the lights on, extensive investment is needed to create an in-house IT infrastructure including the maintenance of hardware and software. Together with this is a challenging attempt to reduce the TCO. At times, IT departments with tight budget has to train its own staff to do the work instead of allocating the financial resources for another technical consultant. Hence they have to balance these factors with inverse relationship in order to stay on course with their objectives. This is how IT works before but cloud computing made an impactful change to the entire story. Getting into modern IT infrastructure or CLOUD brings scalability, agility, flexibility and competitive advantage through maximization of limited resources to the main business operations.

Steered with the evolution of cloud computing, Radenta has mapped out a path for your successful cloud technology adoption. We are giving you a new IT architecture to deliver the requirements of expanding and dynamic needs of your business ecosystems. We will provide maintenance and services or both, tailor-fit to your computing, storage and networking needs. A subscription agreement where your expenditure is based on your utilization. It basically transforms your capital expenses into an operating expense and you have to exploit on underused hardware and software no more! An analysis will take place to help you decide and specify what you need with your IT landscape. The organization still has an option to leave all the entire tasks to Radenta or decide to control their own data and applications. For startups, there is no need to capitalize on infrastructure. You can just subscribe to our service offerings and will bring your systems into cloud. Radenta can also handle maintenance for those enterprises who have previously acquired hardware and software and unload the responsibility from your team.

By commending your IT infrastructure to us, you are one step away of attaining the following benefits.

1. Reduction of cost

There is no need to have a capital for acquiring hardware, software license and/or subscription, spending for maintenance of entire data center and electric power consumption.

2. Maximize manpower skillset

IT staffs doesn’t have to be trained in implementing and maintaining a newly adopted technology.

3. Security of subscribed services

Services you entrusted to us are guaranteed by service level agreement and cloud contract.

4. Technology Protection

Eliminate the additional work load and resource intensive activity brought by the technology refresh cycle for mitigating risk of obsolescence of existing technology.


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